About Us
Nature Maiden® Soap was started in 2007.

When we first started we had numerous products which included lip balm, body sprays, skin creams, lotion bars, soy candles, bug spray, salves and soap. When our soap varieties passed 50, it was time to scale back on the other products. At the present time we are only selling soap.

I personally make all of the soap, which is made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. While I use essential oils (plant derived) in many of my soap varieties, I also use fragrance oils (synthetic) for some others.

We have many happy customers who just love Nature Maiden products! Read my extensive testimonials, including one from a Celebrity!

I feel that Nature Maiden® soap is gentler on your skin than most you'd buy in the store. Why buy chemically produced products when you can use a better alternative? Located in Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 12090

Thank you for your interest in Nature Maiden Soap.
Connie McCaffery