Preppers Herbal Soap
Natural Butter Bar Soap
Prepper's All Natural Herbal Soap

You may be wondering why you need 'preppers soap'?  Well, not all soap is made the same.
Our Preppers soap is formulated to be an all natural, herbal, MULTI-PURPOSE soap bar containing nourishing oils, butters and plant extracted essential oils. Our preppers soap will clean, freshen and relax you. It doubles as a shampoo, and even a dish soap when you are camping. Also makes a great natural dog soap. Your dogs coat will be soft, fresh and repel insects. Earth friendly. Hard, long lasting soap bars.
Essential oils have these benefits:
*help kill germs
*relax the mind (aromatherapy)
*naturally repel bugs
Ingredients: Saponified oils of shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, tallow, sodium hydroxide (lye), distilled water, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.
3 pack

Hand-cut, approx 5.5-6oz
Makes a great gift for any occasion.
$15 for 3 bars